If you want to start a new website for your company, or if you want to revise an already existing one, or there are features you always wanted to have on your website, I can provide you with individual solutions.

I am a young software developer in the area of web programming.

With the programming languages PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the Content Management System WordPress I can help you to equip your website with necessary and helpful features, following your own wishes and ideas.

In the age of digital media and internet it is getting more and more important to present yourself as best as possible on the internet, because that is the way to a successful business.

Fast, individual solutions for every demand with WordPress. WordPress is an open-source content management system which allows you, through its modular structure, to add and edit features and layouts very easily, fast and therefore cost-efficient. According to estimations, approximately 50-60% of all websites based on content management systems are based on WordPress (as is the case for the website you are on right now). It is possible for me to create for you, within a few days, a 100% working website following your own wishes and ideas.